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The power and passion of Spanish flamenco have earned it a special place among the world’s great cultural treasures. The art encompasses a universally appealing dance form, intensely emotional vocal music, and an evocative and compelling guitar style. Yet for all its worldwide success, flamenco has never been easy to understand.

The Flamenco Experience opens this dynamic and fascinating world to American audiences at Music Festivals and other cultural events, as well as at U.S. universities. Combining intimate knowledge and fascinating commentary with extraordinary documentary film, the program illuminates all aspects of flamenco to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of this remarkable art and the country that gave birth to it.

The Flamenco Experience offers special programs for both general audiences and academic groups, appealing to everyone from the intellectually curious to serious flamenco aficionados and avid students of the art. While the commentaries draw upon rigorous underlying knowledge, the mood is light and informal.

Whether you are planning a university academic program, a music festival or other cultural event, The Flamenco Experience offers an extremely convenient, cost-effective way to add an informative, intriguing and always welcome dimension.

The Flamenco Experience also works with tour operators who want to provide an authentic and memorable cultural experience as a highlight of any tour to Spain.

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An Insider's Insight. An American Perspective.

Brook Zern photo by Paco SanchezBrook Zern, director of The Flamenco Experience, has spent the past four decades learning about the art of flamenco and its cultural context in Spain, and sharing his insights with audiences across the U.S. He is widely considered a leading authority on the subject, and his perspective on flamenco also sheds light on Spain’s literature, poetry, art, traditions and fast-changing society.

In addition to frequently speaking about flamenco at Music Festivals, cultural events and universities, Brook has also taught undergraduate and graduate courses on the subject. He has appeared on television and on hundreds of radio programs.

Brook is Flamenco Editor of Guitar Review, and his articles have run in the New York Times, Music Journal and El Pais among many other American and Spanish publications. He also directs the Flamenco Center USA, providing resources and guidance to scholars and flamenco aficionados.

(Photo by Paco Sánchez)

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Brook Zern knightedIn November 2008, King Juan Carlos I of Spain knighted Brook Zern with the Cruz de Isabel la Catolica for his extraordinary work in disseminating Spanish culture in the U.S.

It is the first time that this rare honor – the highest that Spain can bestow upon a foreigner – has been awarded for the dissemination of insight and information about flamenco and its many cultural dimensions within Spain and the world beyond.

(Above: Zern with Spanish Ambassador Jorge Dezcallar at Knighting Ceremony in Washington, D.C.)



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